Summer Madness UK is aiming to create positive change in as many  communities as possible by promoting events and initiatives, contributing to charity causes, working with volunteers, helping out in community projects and delivering our own events and services.

We have identified Community Engagement is one of the key pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) alongside concerns in the workplace, marketplace and environment.

Community involvement is one of the most important things we strive in! For most businesses we have come across, it makes commercial sense to get involved in  such community-based CSR's related to our services. 

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Through Association:

  • Crime Prevention & Awareness

  • Employment Pathways

  • Charity Sports Donations 

Through Partnerships:

  • Health & Wellbeing 

  • Everyone Active in Sports  

  • Arts & Entertainment Demos

Commercial Opportunity

Our marketing & promotion includes leaflet distribution, columns in the Gazette and newspapers, E-mail Marketing, website features, multiple social media platforms as well as regular appearances on various media outlets in and around the country.