During this Pandemic Period, where most of us most likely will have the difficulty of participating in our Favourite Activities during these unfamiliar circumstances .

SM UK have decided to introduce a Distribution and Business Service, in preparation and leading up to SM UK 2021 Events.

No Brainer Digital Business Engagement Services

Helping your Business Survive during these Waves

SM UK have identified many small and local Independent Business Owners (SME) are rightfully worried whether their business will be still around when it's all over.SM UK have taken steps to see out the storm by doing something different by offering the following Services during this Period.

  • Web Design Creation
  • LinkedIn Guidance (How to set up, Profile and increase new connections)
  • CRM List Building , Cleansing & Profile Service


If you are a Beginner , Novice or just looking to be Creative or DIY. Please look at this YouTube Video .

Watch this YouTube to demonstrate how to use it effectively:-

  • Perfect for smaller areas & precision work
  • Brushing uniform, efficient, durable, smooth and natural effect
  • Used for: varnishing, enamel and oil based paints
  • Easy to use, square handle frame is more stable to brush.
There are two parts to the roller system: firstly, there are the 6 inch wide, embossed patterned rollers available in 18 different sets (see pattern codes on Packaging) designs; then there is a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for paper, wood & walls. The rollers are reusable and interchangeable. The fabrics have the look of traditional handmade block-printed fabric, and are not for heavy use. Like any other hand-printed fabric, they need very delicate hand washing with a mild detergent. The paper and walls roller gives a sponged, gently handmade look, like old, forgotten, sunbleached wallpaper. It particularly suits old walls.


Material: Sponge+Metal
Size: Approx. 24x15.0cm / 9x6inch


1 Piece Brush Sponge

1 Piece Metal Frame

1 Patterned Piece Rubber Roller ( Options: GR-26;GR-30; GR-32 ; GR-40; GR-41; GR-46) Please Specify which Patterned Piece Rubber Roller you would prefer when placing order. THANK YOU

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